201: Build your ownsoftware as a service

Learn to build a web application with users and dynamic data.

This class is for people with some prior programming knowledge, or who have already completed the Introduction to Web Development class.

Learn how to save, query and manipulate data from databases and APIs. We will dig deeper into javascript and cover user authentication, payments, email subscriptions, CRUD, React, and how to leverage existing libraries.

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An introduction to modern web applications

This course is designed to be an introduction the to basic structure of a fully fledged modern web application. As we go through, building our own Software as a Service, will we learn the differnt parts of a web application and how they fit together.

Intermediate Javascript

Deepen your knowledge of javascript.


Learn how to build and query external APIs

Network Requests

Learn about the lifcycle of network requests and how to work with asyncronous data


Learn how to setup a Postgresql database to store your application's data


Introduction to writing SQL queries

User Authentication

Learn how to setup users and login


Integrate Stripe as the payment portal for you web application


An introduction to application performance concerns and how to avoid slow webpages

Next class dates to be announced

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