Introduction toWeb Development

Learn the basics of how to code and deploy your own website.

This class is for people with no programming background, or who have done a small amount of programming but are looking for a solid foundation for deeper understanding.

We will cover how to start coding in HTML, CSS and Javascript, as well as non-technical concepts such as how to understand and solve common problems, how to evaluate different tools, and how to store and publish your code.

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A solid foundation

This course is designed to be a starting point for you to understand the world of web development. Either as a foundation for future classes, or for you to continue exploring and learning via self-directed teaching.

Basic concepts

What is web development? What is the difference between an app and a website?


Learn the basics of HTML - what iis it and how does it work?


Add style to your website with layout and typography


Add interaction and dynamic data to your website as we learn the basics of programming with Javascript

Deploying Code

Learn how to publish your website so that anyone can see it

Version control with Git

Learn to use git to version and store your code


How to help yourself when you inevitably get stuck, hit an error or run into a problem

Google like a software engineer

Most professional developers google on average 12 times/day. Learn what kewords you need to find the results you are looking for.

Next class dates to be announced

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