Coachingand Mentorship

Personalized, 1 on 1 coaching sessions are available on both an ongoing regular basis, as well as on-demand (as availability allows).

In these coaching sessions, you will gain access to the over 5 years I spent as a Senior Software Engineer -- conducting code reviews, debugging technical issues, discussing best practices, and leapfrogging your educational journey with suggestions for further learning.

Guidance during a career transition

For people looking to make a career transition into software development, tapping into the experience of someone who has made that jump can be a great way to clarify goals and expectations for speed of progress.

Getting started on a career transition can be overwhelming -- not knowing where to start or what pathway will be the shortest route to your individual goals. By hiring me as your coach, you're getting impartial advice geared towards your particular skill level and goals.

Mentorship for software engineers

If you're currently working as a software engineer, I am available for pair programming and general career mentorship. Having a resource to provide help and guidance who is independant and impartial can be invaluable when you are early in your engineering career.

In addition to technical mentorship, I can also provide guidance on salary expectations, negotiations and how to achieve promotions.

Job interview preparation

I have participated in over 100 job interview loops at both large companies as well as Silicon Valley startups. As one of the software engineer panel participants, I have been part of the discussions about why we select particular candidates, and can provide that insight to you as you prepare for you interviews.

Debugging Support

I am also available for additional debugging support, paid by the minute. There is nothing more frustrating than getting blocked by an error that you can't solve and not being able to make additional progress. Often, the problem might be something small that would take just a few minutes to resolve.


Hourly sessions are $100.

About your coach

Starting in university, when Daniel ran extra-curricular coding classes for other students, Daniel has found the most rewarding part of his job to be teaching, mentoring and coaching new engineers. Over the course of his 10 year career as a software engineer, both at the startup he co-founded, Infoactive (which was later acquired by Tableau, the leader in the space), as well as during his time working as a Senior Software Engineer for several other cutting edge startups based in Silcon Valley, the one constant was a passion for education and mentoring. Both through formal and informal mentorship structures, many of his mentees went on to themselves become Senior Software Engineers.

Daniel has been teaching people software best practices for over 10 years.


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